Flat sheath 8x1 - ⌀ 8 à 12 mm

Spiral protective sheath for hose.

Profile: flat
Thickness : 1,5mm

Internal diameter
Tax included

Our Spiral Sleeving offers very high performance economical protection for all hydraulic and pneumatic cables and hoses, drastically increasing their lifespan, and thus reducing machine downtime, while increasing equipment safety.

Worked by extrusion using our proprietary technology, using specially developed additives, our spiral sheath offers very long-lasting protection against impact, friction and projections; it has rounded edges to prevent damage to the hoses; its unique permanent 'spring' effect allows easy installation and effective hose retention.

The PVC used is recyclable and meets RoHS environmental standards (lead-free or dangerous substances), is self-extinguishing and offers very high resistance to UV rays.

This product is entirely made in France.

Matter Plastique PVC rigide offrant un « Effet Ressort » permanent unique
Mechanical protection Chocs, frottements, friction
Resistance Résistance aux projections de produits chimique, sels, acides et hydrocarbures. Protection longue durée anti-UV et intempéries
Lifetime Très longue durée de vie (supérieure à celle du HDPE)
Border Bords arrondis (pour ne pas endommager les flexibles)
Facility Installation aisée par enroulement ou par 'vissage’
Standard RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive - sans plomb) de l'U.E.
Flammability Auto-extinguible (Test Inflammabilité UL94)
Ecology Recyclable
Optimal use temperature -20°C à +80°C (-68 to +176 Degrees F)